The seed was planted…..

Traveling towards the ferry to bring me back to reality of work eat sleep, I was discussing with my mum and my partner how the monotony of it all was getting me down.
I needed  something to excite me , break the repetition, prevent me from jacking in my job as a Beauty Therapist. Something I enjoy doing but can get slightly tedious when hearing other peoples problems day in day out, which would be fine except I also have to deal with an all female colleague work place where hormones are flying, bitchiness brews and tempers flare.
Can get quite exhausting and if two of us ladies are in our monthly cycle take cover it can get nasty.
I was discussing all these points with a heavy feeling of dread of returning to the unknown that awaited me. Being a concerned mother and wracking her brains for a solution to the inner turmoil of her eldest child and her only daughter. A metaphorical light bulb was lit and she said “Why don’t you write a book your good at making up stories… give you something to do and you hear lots of peoples stories in work, put them to good use.”

The seed was planted and the imaginary juices started to flow… what would it be about? Do I write a true story based on my life of just take personal experiences and turn them in to fiction? Should it be horror? Would I have enough wit to make it a comedy?

An idea was planted and I put pen to paper to see what my imagination would produce, not quite sure where to start or where it would go, I scribbled a few ideas and before I knew it Chapter one was written….


4 thoughts on “The seed was planted…..

    • Likewise 🙂 Im in at chapter 11 and I was looking on Genres on Amazon think its fitting into a Family Saga category, dramatic little bit of mystery with added comic relief well such is the plan anyway. How about you? Giving from your blog I’m guessing sci-fi?

      • My genre…? Well, they say you should right what you know to start with so I am currently finishing book #2 in a Cyber crime setting – Cyber Nightmares:Autonomous Chaos (see my blog for info) Some might say that aspects of this genre might appear as sci-fi to those not exposed to the cyber underworld and it does shock some people to know what is possible.
        I also write in Sci-fi and horror. I have plots and partial stories writing for both.
        Do you see yourself writing the same genre all the time or you looking to branch around a little?

  1. Oh sounds intriguing, I have been just today been familiarizing myself with blogging and linking my social media sites to this blog and doing loads of research. I haven’t actually written anything today, I started off reading a publishing mag and went from there…. I now have a blog a pinterest site and a different Twitter format, so forgive my first few posts when I familiarize myself better I will delve deeper in to your blog posts and see what your about 🙂
    For the book I’m currently writing, I am writing from what I know using childhood experiences and stories that I’ve heard, I’m toying with the idea of a sequel for this one. I also have another idea for a book that will be dark fantasy and completely different to what I’m doing now.
    The more I’m writing the more ideas I’m having for different scenarios and different situations that wouldn’t fit right with what I’m currently writing but is stemming ideas for other books.
    Are you disciplined with your writing or is it an as and when thing?

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