A share in the event…

So the words gone out…

I’m writing a book! All my closest friends and family now know.

They seem now as the one writing the book so I have cursed myself to how far are you now? When will it be finished? And the most common one… Am I in it?

Takes me back to my writers disclaimers post… I’m taking the characteristics and quirks of everybody I have met and moulding my characters out of them.

I seem to feel like I have to say yes you are and then when the time comes that the book is either self published or by a publisher available for reading, I will know who has read it and who hasn’t.

I have the over whelming urge to make up different versions of the stories and tell people how they are in it and then ask them did they enjoy my portrayal of them when they read the book…. Now there’s a way to get sales 🙂


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