Daily Distractions

So all week I have been looking at my laptop guiltily when I’ve got home from work, thinking I should be near finished chapter 13 by now and it hasn’t even been started.

I’ve made the excuses, I’m so tired after work I wouldn’t be able to concentrate and give it the full concentration and quality it deserves. It’s making me start to resent my real job its getting in the way of my blossoming writing career (ha-ha)

So last night I said to myself I will sit down and write all day… I will have my obligatory lie in and then get up and write, I was woken by a call from my brother requesting a Skype date with him and my niece, an offer I couldn’t possibly refuse. Of course family discussions led to going online and on Sky Demand to download box sets, which led to me checking my planner for space which led me watching things that have gone unwatched and once watched, deleted to free up some space. As tomorrow is the day a year ago me and my beloved first spoke and initialized dating, tonight is a night of celebration wine and good food, I cant ignore the occasion by typing away on my premier novel so alas Chapter 13 will have to wait until tomorrow. The telly will not be switched on and the phone will be off the hook….. and if I stick to that I’ll be doing well… If I don’t I will restart the weekly slog on Tuesday with another truckload of guilt… aw it’s a writers life for me 🙂  


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