Blog and authors block

To all my lovely followers and clickers from links on facebook and twitter,  I do apologise for the lack of blog posts appearing on your reader or news feed or timeline or ticker…. wherever my new imaginative ponderings appear for you to gander….
I am suffering writers block…
Well a form of it….
I have the story in my head I know how it finishes…. so why isnt it on the page?
I have thought of a sub plot which involves me going back to the drawing board and editing first chapters, adding more in to the already written ones and trying to piece it all together in to a jumbled up mess.
Now the block I have is constan distractions. I need quiet. A full day with no phone. No TV. And no work.
Easier said than done im finding.
So monday is booked.  The phone will be switched off. The tv will remain on stand by. The kettle will be boiled and the coffee will be flowing. I have ordered a printer to print my written word so I can edit on paper then transfer to laptop…..
I say its the plan…. guaranteed in the nxt 48 hours ill have an invitation I cannot possibly refuse and my writing will suffer once more.
So really what im suffering from is commitment block…

Any solutions?


4 thoughts on “Blog and authors block

  1. That’s a good idea. Sometimes all you need to do is shut off all distractions in order for the creative juices to flow. For me, all I need is an outline to bring my brain back on track so I don’t find myself trapped in writer’s block. Even if I don’t have a subplot outlined, the outline itself can suddenly give me inspiration for one.

    • Hi, Yes I’ve found no distractions is a massive help. I also have to be in the right frame of mind to be involved when I’m writing.

      I’m at the stage now where I need to re-edit what I’ve done to build up to the final crescendo.

      I find I get more ideas when I’m writing then when I’m not, so it’s actually telling myself to sit down and do it is the problem.

      Your blog is really interesting, would you recommend a publisher over a self publish then?

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