A quiet place with a view


Sitting on the rocks in the sunshine, listening to the lapping of the waves and feeling the sun warming my skin…
No I hadn’t jet off for a last minute sun holiday to Costa Del Heaven, I had joined my partner on a fishing trip rather than taking up the pure british tradition of.. Bank Holiday? Sunshine? Beautiful weather thats guaranteed not to last more than a few days? Why lets go to a dark pub and dehydrate ourselves with alcohol in the beer garden while risking sun stroke.
Nope. Not me. I wanted to get out, enjoy, live for today… and write.
So I kindly suggested to my partner that he should partake in his favourite pastime.
I would gladly sit quietly on a jagged rock while he lost himself in hours of fishing, cursing dog fish and spearing dead mackerel.
I solemnly swore I would not get bored and brought my laptop, book and a notepad to draft ideas for a second book as proof of such. He seemed dubious,obviously knowing from past experience that these trips can last hours.
So after clambering up cliffs and edging through gorse we got settled.
I watched intrigued as he cast out his line and then sat in patient waiting, to which I turned to writing.
I did it freehand, in that the sun was shining on my screen so I had no idea how many spelling mistakes and warbled sentences there were but the draft was there. I said to myself ill write a chapter and then read a chapter of The Da Vinci code.
My partner quite baffled at how I could not be succumbing to boredom kept checking was I ok? ‘Yep good’ was my reply not averting my eyes from the screen fully engrossed in my story. He seemed to realise after a while my attention would not be wavered and my commitment was there. I was in the zone.
So he decided to place a dog fish at my feet to tear my attention away and frighten the life out of me.
Momenteraily distracted and telling him exactly what would have happened to him, had I dropped my laptop and it had gone sliding down the rocks in to the blue sea below; I returned engrossed again.
Just reaching the final climactic end to my chapter and in full writing mode my partner called it a day bored of catching dog fish and playing second fidfle to my imagination.
Im not ashamed to say I was a tad disappointed.
I had an hour left on my laptop for which I could use to write. Then I could draft my next two book ideas for another hour maybe two and then finally relish in a succesful authors work as a reward.
Instead we clambered over the rocks from which we came and headed home to a chinese and that bank holiday tradition of the pub.

The moral of the story is no matter how serene and tranquil the setting… you need to be alone, have no schedule for the day or night and have nobody expecting you at any said time.
Just a you’ll see me when you me scenario.
Also time writing days better than on your 1 Year Anniversary that falls on a bank holiday monday with fantastic we have to do something together weather šŸ˜‰


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