The meaning of life is…

People tell me I am supposed to do my job. Im a beauty therapist. Ive been told I have healing hands, magic hands and strong hands for my size… I love sharing my gift and healing people through reflexology and massage.
So why is this on my writers blog?
Because I want to muster the same effect in my readers.
I want them to get lost in the book
Enjoy it
Cancel plans to stay in and read it
Walk round the house doing housework with one hand n holding the book in the other.
I want them to get benefit from my work as they do through a good pummeling massage 😉
Or am I only allowed one gift to share and offer to the world?


5 thoughts on “The meaning of life is…

  1. I am about to write on this….sure, we can have more than one gift or passion, and can exercise them in tandem. But it seems we enter seasons where we dwell on one, for the greater good. Speaking from current experience.

    • This seems to be the case my writing as taken a back step of late due to my new found and unexpected love of running and exercise in general which is why my blog has bedn neglected just trying to find a happy balance with it

    • Thank you sorry I haven’t being paying attention to my blog of late.
      Thats a very interesting view. I am unfortunately non religious due to a number of reasons but I appreciate the view and the message your sending out. More power to you

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