Account Suspended

Account Suspended

To all of my lovely followers who have found me on Twitter and kindly followed me… I have to ask you to re-follow me on my new account as my other one was unjustly suspended. No reason and no more followers 😦 I built up a good following of fellow authors and publishers and now have to do it all over again. I am resisting the urge to write Twitter a strongly worded email stating it would never of happened on another social media site. You may all think I abused Twitter in some way… mmm…. nooo, I posted blog links, retweeted fellow authors and celebrities… as you do and shared photos from instagram, to be honest I don’t know how to do much else on there. I looked through their reasons for suspension, none applied to me, yet I suffered.
Anyway that’s my rant over and if any of you reading this that have a Twitter account please totter on over to @Dani87Do and follow me so I can feel a little better about my now empty page 😦


2 thoughts on “Account Suspended

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  2. Thank you!! Thats exactly like I experienced. Ive thought it was me and have been wary of what I was doing on there since. Totally agree terrible customer service and lack of professionalism

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