Do Not Disturb



So I have got in touch with all friends and family today.Thanked everyone I had to for a highly enjoyable evening last night, and informed them all and my Facebook friends that I am spending today writing.

The phones being ignored kind of… I have soft music playing and am in the zone.

I am re-editing chapters and printing them as I go along so I can refresh my memory on what I’ve written, see how character traits have been developing so far as I have them in my head, I know who they are what their feeling and am writing as if everyone else does too so a bit of revision is needed before finishing the last few chapters.

I am also doing this with a mild hangover… It does lessen your concentration ever so slightly. Yesterday it took me thirty minutes to edit a chapter, today its taken me an hour and a half. So despite all my Do Not Disturb warnings, my effort to make sure I get some work done, I failed to think of the consequences 7 or 8 glasses of wine last night may have had on me… I actually don’t know how many glasses I consumed but I did have a sore head and carpet mouth this morning… nice.

I am now moving on to the next chapter after I have found some decent motivating music, had some fruit to boost my sugar levels and will try and gather my first wind, it hasn’t come yet so there’s no need to be asking for the second wind to kick me up the bum and get me working.


Moral of the story… don’t plan a writing day after a boozy session with the in-laws.

It’s not productive but I shall persevere and conquer the hangover and hopefully spin out some good editing by the end of the day



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