Laptop block…

Well hello my keen followers 🙂


No I haven’t fallen off the planet… or set off with all good intentions of becoming an author and then dropping it like a hot rock the minute I see something shiny… 🙂

I have been looking at my laptop for the past few weeks with pure resentment and loathing… I have all this words in my head, a complete book just begging to be finished, my characters are frozen in time wanting to move ahead, get on with where they need to be but I just can’t seem to motivate myself to sit down and type.


I have a full interest in the writing, I want to get it done, I love the story just I have discovered I have laptop block….




Yes Laptop block…

The thought of sitting aimlessly at my laptop typing typing typing was what was preventing me from doing it. Reformatting… realizing my computer thinks it’d be funny while I’m in full flow typing not looking at the screen… (I’m not a good typist I need to look at what my fingers are doing which might be half the problem)… it decides to jump five or six paragraphs in to the middle of a sentence and carry on there so I look at all I’ve just typed and it’s not where it should be… 


Then we have the dreaded caps lock button… I’m doing my capitals and punctuation as I’m typing… I have to I’m anal like that…. but then i look at my screen and have done two to three sentences in capitals…. when are they going to make it so you can just highlight and make letters lower case so you don’t have to retype THE whole sentence.

I also have a habit of rereading over what I’ve written and keep editing where as I need to just get it written and then that sense of accomplishment will further motivate me to edit and finalize it ready to send off to publishers and look into self publishing while I wait eagerly for a reply…. can I do that?

So I have found a solution to my Laptop block… I will physically write it…


Yes I’m putting pen to paper just as shakespeare did…


I can then transfer my writing to the laptop, watching tv, listening to music, etc… all the concentration will be put in already the story will be written.

Also I don’t have the distraction on an A4 pad of oohh.. what’s going on on Facebook or lets look on Google for a bit of research and then get distracted and realize an hour later I’m supposed to be writing…


Will it work? Watch this space….. 😦





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