“I may be surpr…

“I may be surprised. But I don’t think I will be.”
― Andrew Strauss

This has happened!

I am currently writing a book that is complete fiction, but does resemble some things that have happened in my own life and have taken some life experience and twisted it in to the plot.

Due to work commitments and complete writers/laptop block, I had left said story 23 chapters in and my characters frozen in time waiting for their fictional life to be finished back in May. But before I had done this I had written a chapter predicting something that was going to happen in my own life.

I knew it was coming, I knew I was going to hear about it and when it did I would not be surprised. 

This was clearly playing on my mind as I had wrote this chapter back in April. Now I am cursing my writers block and lack of commitment to the tale as I have since learned what I thought was coming has come in the same circumstance as what I have written… Now I know people close to me are going to read the book and say ‘oh she wrote that when she found out about….’

Nope I didn’t.

I merely predicted it and alas it has come true before I could put in print.

Writers block has a lot to answer for. 


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