Off the topic of writing… weird experience

I just had the oddest experience. .. I was just finished with a client and had 45 minutes to get to somewhere an hour away… not with a client luckily. .. and I was due to pick someone up also. I webt to get my phone and it wasn’t there… I NEVER leave my phone at home… that and my diary are like extra limbs how could I have forgotten it so I had to drive 10 minutes out of my way to go and get it making me even later. I found my phone under a jumper even though I was sure I’d put it in my bag…
I sped off up the road after letting the person know I was coming and then got stuck behind an OAP bus going 20 miles an hour… and the back doors were creating a glare from my headlights whuch was effecting my vision. I couldn’t get on to facebook to let everyone know I qas going to be very very late then when I got to a crossroads I seen the bus was going the direction I was and I had this overwhelming feeling of turn the other wau so I did and I was just blatantly I’m not going. I pulled over to consider for a minute and had a dull ache in my head as if I had banged it like I would in a crash it was so weird..
Then I sent my messages and headed to my gdads but I passed the fuel garage where I seen my partners cousin who I knew he’d been out with so I thought I’ll go home and ley him know I’m ok just as I thought it he text me making sure I was ok…. he’s had a bad feeling about it all along… oh and my petrol light came on

Talk about the universe not letting me go… home now and not moving!


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