The Importance of Research

I am having what you would call an understatement of a lazy day!

Woke at 11 stayed in bed until 3 and then rose with the intention of doing much needed housework… I tidied my bedroom made my way to the kitchen where I flicked the kettle on to prepare breakfast/lunch/brunch and sat to eat and picked up Russell Howards Booky Wook as I am no longer able to stare in to space, I have to have something taking my attention… a possible reason for my insomnia.

5 pages in, I immediately get the urge to get back to my own book.

Because of the excellent writing?

Something he said triggered a light bulb effect of inspiration?

Or a line that showed complete and utter lack of research and just another ploy for celebrities to make more money from their fan fare, not worried about such an important thing as detail!

“I’m a bloke from Grays with a good job and a terrific haircut who’s been given a Wonka Ticket to a lovely sex factory ‘cos of the ol fame’ and while Augustus Gloop drowns and Veruca Salt turns blue I’m cleaning up. I’m rinsin’ baby”

Any Roald Dahl, Gene Wilder (I googled that as I wasn’t sure took two minutes!) or Johnny Depp fans will be hopefully as I was in utter disgust as this error.

If you are going to use a children’s classic to make your point, at least get the characters right.

It was in fact Violet Beauregarde who turned purple.

I’m guessing in all his eagerness to get his book out on the shelf to outshine the hard work and dedication of us true authors who take the time to research and make sure we are grammatically and factually correct, a little thing like going on to google was at the back of his mind.

I am now more determined to get my book out there that I have slaved over for a year… checked the facts, edited, re-edited and edited again. Whether I will continue to read this lackadaisical attempt at writing remains to be seen but I will be taking extra time to research, research research!!!!!! 


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