The book is finished.

It’s such a relief and an amazing feeling to have finally completed it.

Now the hard stuff starts…. I have to get it out to the world. Where do I start?

There is a gold mine of information, advise, publishing routes and information. But as a rookie writer and publisher I haven’t the first clue where to begin…

I’ve seen talk of manuscripts, slush piles, create space, lighteningsource and Kindle publishing.

Any golden nuggets of advice and success stories would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any comments…


9 thoughts on “Finished!!

  1. Congratulations! To finish is beautiful and frightening. Have you prepared synopses of different lengths? Before you move into the publishing phase, has anyone read it other than you? Have you had it professionally edited…so many steps before you have to worry about publishing 🙂 I’d sit and let the finished product rest before reading and revising.
    And…I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Look for my pingback on Monday.

    Cheers, Julie

    About the VBA:

    • Hiya Julie, I’m totally overwhelmed by your comment. I am letting the finished product settle and have put it to my family and friends to get 100 likes on its page before I let them read it then I will let the constructove critiscm flow…. can you recommend a professional editor.
      Thank you so much for nominating me I’m so chuffed xxxx

      • You are welcome! I’m in the beta reader stage- my writing group is reading my manuscript and I’ve got a couple other readers on tap. It’s hard, so hard, to release your words to the eyes and thoughts of others…necessary evil!

      • I put a sample on a site and got some negative feedback aswell as some good but I was in bits for days.. it is a harsh unforgiving world… the writing community 🙂

      • I get it. Had my first anonymous feedback this summer. Some was painful, some was downright stupid, most was spot-on and helped me make important changes. You were brave to open yourself up!

      • Hi Julie, I am so sorry I have been very rude in not replying and I want to pay forward your lovely compliment of nominating me for an award and dedicate a post to you. I’m in a work/hobbie/self employment expenses paperwork limbo at the moment…
        I write fiction, my first novel is a dramatic family saga with added comic relief. I have put it on Goodreads and let my family and friends know it is there and told them to criticise me as much as possible 🙂
        My next novel is being plotred in my head fantasy, holistic based in a spa where the treatments take you to your deepest desires 🙂

      • No no! Your only obligation is to write! Oh, and track expenses. Funny, because I just brought home a new folder today, all set to make 2014 the year I install myself as a Writer- like, tracking expenses, taking deductions. Maybe have an income? Hah!

        Carry on. Write. Share when you are ready!

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