Magna Intuitum

Magna Intuitum

So in my ‘real’ job, I meet lots of interesting people who share their stories with me and I learn about their life’s in general. As I get to know them better and feel comfortable with them, I share anecdotes about my own life but nothing too personal just things I would put on my Facebook or right here on my blog.


I have one particular client I see weekly and we have got to know each other very well, the funny thing is I know her from my last job and I didn’t like her after she complained about me… water under the bridge 🙂

Well we discussed my writing and the fact a publisher has asked for the rest after I had sent them a sample (BIG MOMENT), she is also a writer with a published book and writes for her own online magazine to which her husband is an editor…


Now I am confident in my real job, but my writing not so much… so when her husband said his wife was reading an article about the benefits of massage for overall health, I immediately thought great he’s going to have a massage one day… well blow me down he asked me to become a regular writer on the magazine writing about my work and the benefits of the treatments… I was almost speechless. It is a non-paid gig but my writing and knowledge will be published and read by thousands… wow!!!


I got one like on Facebook for this bit of news and a ‘cool’ from my partner and brother but for all you fellow bloggers, writers, authors etc out there… have you any advice, any inspiring words or even a confirmation to say yes you are right to be excited here 🙂


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