“If you have a dream, don’t just sit there. Gather courage to believe that you can succeed and leave no stone unturned to make it a reality.”

Well hello!!!

Long time no chat! How have you been? All good I hope.

Today I woke in a bit of depressed mood, I love Halloween and getting dressed up but I am billy no mates today and have no one to play with as everyone has work and family commitments.

It’s blowing a gale and spitting rain so what do I do?
Sit down and spend the day watching ‘The L Word’ and turn my brain in to pile of hazy mush?
Sit down and catch up on expenses and other paperwork for my business?
Mmm… much better use of time and I can put ‘The L Word’ on my phone to keep me from extreme boredom
Self publish my novel that was finished in January to Kindle seen as no publisher wants to take it but so far anyone who has read it has enjoyed it, however biased they may be…
Now there is an idea.

So I did just that… it is now published and I am eagerly awaiting my first download but at the same time dreading the en masse of bad reviews that may come in for it…

I’m seeing the literary version of The X Factor with people saying… did their families not tell her it’s just awful, put it in the recycle bin and press empty immediately…

Time will tell how my little baby will fare out in the big wild world of extreme criticism and harsh reality…

If any of you would like to have a little read, it is now available for download on Amazon… be gentle 🙂



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