New Years resolutions

We all make them don’t we?

Lose weight must be the biggest one.. gyms are heaving, exercises classes booked ou,  people out pounding the road

Quit smoking… a couple of tetchy people about in January

Take up something new, pyramid it forward, be more positive, read more write more…

No wonder people get the January blues we start off with all good intentions  and as they last about as long as a chorus of Auld Lang Syne we then fall in to a deep state of failure and depression…

Well there’s one thing I’ve leared in my 27 nearly 28 years… you’ll only complete something and work at something you enjoy.. I’ve also learnt there’s not enough time in the day…

Which is why my new years resolution last year was to finish my book which I did… In January.. I one year on I have had multiple rejectons and have decided to publish myself on Amazon… I’ve sold about 10…

Why is this? Because I have zero interest in trawling through multiple sites to find out the best way to publish, I don’t get twitter, I have no time to sit and actually do these things I even if I did have an interest in them … no i really don’t, I am currently clock watching as I have to be out the door on way to an appointment  in 13 minutes… Make that 12…

So my resolution  was to make more time and use the time I have more sufficiently so rather than spending 20 minutes on candy crush I’m letting you in on my resolution… get off my lazy ass and listen to the pros.. I put a year in to writing a book now I want it to be read and enjoyed…

until next year when hopefully I will be a twitter whizz and The Lies That Bind Us will be a bit higher up in the Amazon and Smashword’s charts…

I bid you s happy new year or Blwyddyn Newydd Dda its welsh new year here today in Cwm Gwaun for any of you interested  in weird traditions… I’d post you a link but my phone doesn’t like WordPress on chrome and if I dare make a mistake it stops me writing so do feel free to Google 😉 

Hope you all have a fab 2015 until next time…


P.s if you want to give me a tweet up the bum @Dani87do


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