Lady pads and my friend Nikki

A little bit off the topic of books and writing, I’ll be honest since I’ve become self employed, writing has gone on the back burner and has since become a smouldering Phoenix that will hopefully one day rise from the ashes in to the best selling novel I dream of writing 😉

Until then I will bring you other interests of mine, general opinions,occasionally the odd rant and movie review but today I would like to tell you about a fellow blogger, entrepreneur and friend Nikki Perry. She is an eco warrioress, a human minion and a Hogwarts geek but don’t we all  want the cream envelope with the scarlet waxed stamp?
She is such an inspiration to me as she has had a tough life but because of that is so full of unattainable knowledge and wisdom , I spend hours speaking to her and come away a little wiser everytime.

Now one thing Nikki has taught is about the dangers of sanitary items and baby’s nappys, about their chemical make up , their effect on your body and on the environment. Now since I have been having monthly periods since I was 11,I am now 28, and have been using them for a week every month since then I’ve absorbed a lot of chemicals and infested the planet quite enough for one life time.
Interestingly enough I have also suffered abnormal cells,an ovarian cyst and a miscarriage… coincidence?
So I have asked Nikki to make me some reusable sanitary pads and I have got to say they are so comfy and not that much hassle to care for,it’s a little extra work than just whipping one off whacking it in the bin and sticking another plastic chemical ridden pad on yes but it will also be a lot of work being incontinent or having IVF due to nastiness messing up my insides ick!

So I would just personally like to raise a pad in honour of my friend for showing me the light, saving my lady bits and I would love if you could all pop over,follow her blog “Created By Nikki” and her Instagram, I have posted a link below for my personal account and photo of my new friends and she is tagged in it. Pop over ,say hi, ask questions ,come away feeling more knowledgeable than before and feeling like you have made a friend 🙂

Love you Nik,



One thought on “Lady pads and my friend Nikki

  1. Reblogged this on Created By Nikki and commented:
    completely overwhelmed by this amazing review of Pads i made for my friend Dani, This is such a difficult topic to talk with people about but slowly the perceived taboo is being reversed, Menstration is a natural process every healthy lady should go through so why not make it as comfortable and gentle as experience as possible?
    also Dani has written the most amazing book, and you can find links to it on this blog so well worth a read guys 🙂
    Feel free to ask me wuestions, check out my pinterest board ‘reusable is the only way forward’ for lots of info and hope you have a fab day!
    Love and Light, Nikki xxx

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