Another day in Paradise?

Another post that is a little different to what I usually write about but I feel this needs to be put out there for discussion.


Today David Cameron has agreed to take in 20,000 refugees from Syria by 2020. Fantastic, 20,000 people safe and sound from war, devastation and danger. They will come here be rehoused and people will come out in their thousands to help these people providing food, shelter, clothing they will do whatever it is they can to help. This is how it should be, yes, I am in total agreement, look after your fellow man and help those who cannot help themselves because wouldn’t you want help situation reversed?


OK, now answer me this, last time you passed a homeless person, how did you react? Did you give your last bit of change? What was your attitude towards them?


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I was in Cardiff City over the weekend and seen countless homeless on the street and I was angered that our own country men and women are gathering all their old clothes and buying food and demanding that Cameron does something to help these people in need coming from Syria when there is people on our doorstep needing help. Now I am in no way against them being helped as I said but why isn’t the same public out cry being made about our own people?

Yes they haven’t come from war zones but I stopped to speak to two homeless people and I asked them what happened to them.

One had been in prison after fighting with people who had bullied him over his stammer, he had them come out of prison to live with his girlfriend who had then dumped him. Because he had been in prison, the government considered him not good enough to find shelter for. But if he had attacked me there on the street he would have been put back in prison, had three warm meals and a bed to sleep in… is that right?

I gave him my last bit of change and a packet of Doritos that I had on me and he was so grateful.

I then spoke to a homeless lady and I asked her what had happened and she told me she was on the street due to domestic violence, now was she not trapped in her very own war zone? I also gave her a few pound and went and got her some food, it may not have been much but I knew she had been fed and she told me she can have a wash in a nearby facility for one or two pound.

There is 2,800 people sleeping on the streets tonight on todays newspapers stating refugees are going to be welcomed in and cared for by this country. Am I the only one who finds this terribly unfair?


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Our hospitals and schools are bursting at the seams and the NHS is on its last legs, do I really have to spell out what it will mean if we are taking an extra 20,000 people in to the country? How many will be children? How many will be working and paying National Insurance?


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I am personally in the 2040s/2050s bracket so I have another 40 years to work before the government will feel I have paid my dues enough to earn my pension. These are the figures now… how will they look in 40 years after bailing countries out of further wars, crises then with changes to government and the added issue of privatised health care, because lets face it, we are headed that way.

I do worry about opening up our borders to helping so many refugees when our own people are suffering daily, not one of our futures is secure and if you were to end up on the street tomorrow, your country would not be there for you, don’t believe me?

Speak to the next homeless person, you wont see their photo on the front of every newspaper but they are just in need of help.


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One thought on “Another day in Paradise?

  1. I’m not near you, so I can’t get the financial or food help that you Blessed the others with. But, can I ask you to lift me up in Prayer… My situation is a craft change on my job that didn’t work out in my favor. More money but less hours equals insufficiency, and bills left unpaid SMH. However, the Federal Government holds hub agreements, so the Union had told me, and that’s what I’m believing God for and asking you to touch and agree about… That my supervisor will find it in his heart to enroll me in the agreement, making allowance for me to gain extra hours at other locations when he’s not able to use me. Thanx sooooooo much, your Prayers are greatly appreciated 🙂

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