About the Author

So when I started my blog, I had no idea of what I was doing so I had just blagged it truth be told…

A couple of months in I realized I hadn’t written an About Me page… How rude of me!

So here it is…

I’m 26, live in Pembrokeshire, Wales. For my day job, I am a fully qualified Beauty Therapist, I love it, I really do. I get such a great amount of job satisfaction from it, but sometimes the daily grind can get ever so slightly tedious… work home eat sleep…

I was discussing this with my mum and she said… write a book…. the rest as they say is history.

The cogs started working and the idea came about. I was going to write my first novel. I went back to the school days and started actually writing… as in pen and paper. I sent photos of my progress  to a mate who was intrigued. Three chapters in, he suggested I start to type it and email the typed draft to him… He became my unofficial editor.

I don’t think I had got to the stage of thinking I could actually get this published, the more I wrote I started to think, yea I can do this and the enthusiastic comments I was having from my friend/editor helped.


The novel is now near completion I have a sequel and a completely different novel idea in my head so I am officially an author who will hopefully one day be published, traditional or self…. watch this space…


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