Crippling self doubt.

Chapter 13 is written I have chapter 14 and the outlay for the finishing of My sister My friend all in my head.
So why am I not writing?
I have the words get them on the laptop and get it on to Kindle I hear you all say.
But now the nigglings of self doubt and lack of confidence in my first ever novel Is growing.
Could I handle the failure if no-one was interested after I put so much in to trying to make it interesting for a reader? 
Could I handle bad reviews and publisher rejections?
I will finish it.
I will redit and scrutinise until my eyes are held open with cocktail sticks and I have to eventually press that button and unleash it to the harsh world of faceless critics and constant competition.
Until then… I shall just thrive on the blased reviews I have recieved thus far