A different aspect..

So I sat down yesterday with my laptop with the intention of doing a bit of research and completing chapter eleven,

I decided to start my research by reading the first edition of Publishing Talk… which brought me to here…Word Press and so An Amateur Author was born. When I sussed out how to work it all and tried not to get distracted by all the interesting Blogs written by much more experienced folk than me, I returned to Publishing Talk.

Next article was about Pinterest… very good but also very distracting and led me to set up a Facebook page for my unfinished book and change my Twitter account to being all about the book…



When I logged on to Word press today I seen an outstanding blog http://t.co/GuxrP45K6N this has all given me a totally different aspect and different attitude toward my writing. I was just doing it as and when but now I see it as a mission and its nearly an addiction. Just what I needed a good kick up the rear end to get this book written published, either myself through amazon for e-readers or if some eagle eyed publisher happens to want to give a rookie a chance and offer me a book deal, as long as I get get my written word out even if its just to my friends and family  to enjoy and criticize it will be a fun and enjoyable experience and I’m  finding it very educational!

Now back to business Chapter 11 awaits