Take a leap int…

Take a leap into the unknown and know that where you land, is where you are meant to be. Author unknown

This  statement can apply to a lot of circumstances in life and I for one and a firm believer in just going for it and see what happens. If it doesn’t work out and least you tried right?

That’s the attitude I took when starting my mobile beauty business… what was the worse that could happen? If it failed I’d get a job elsewhere and know that it didn’t work but at least the niggle in my head of “What If?” would be gone. Luckily the gamble paid off and I’m coming up to a year in business and it’s going from strength to strength.

Today I think back to October 2012, I was travelling to the ferry from a weekend with my family and the thoughts of going back to my then job were depressing me. I was getting to the point where I didn’t see myself sticking out there much longer and self employment seemed like a far fetched dream. I was voicing these thoughts to my mum who said ‘Why don’t you write a book? Your good at making up stories and you see lots of different people everyday why not write about it?’


Mmm… not a bad idea. So I sat down with an A4 pad in my dressing gown and got to work. The words just flowed out and before I knew it, I had three chapters written. My friend then suggested I type it rather than actually write it making it easier for him to read and easier when it came to time of publishing… yea right, one can only dream.

14 months later, the book is finished! Wow I actually did it, pat on the back for me. SO I chance my arm and send it to the first professional looking publisher I see on Google, Pegasus Publishers and I send across a sample expecting to hear nothing back as how would I be that lucky?

Well would you believe it, they asked for the entire manuscript, that’s a good sign right?

I then received an email saying it will take four weeks for the initial review and they would let me know.


Today my partner called in briefly from work and handed me my mail, a big white envelope which I didn’t really look at just chatted a I opened it having no idea what was inside.

What followed was reminiscent of the you tube videos of little children being told they are going to Disney land.

They want to publish my book!!! OH MY GOD!!


My partner being the sensible and less excited out of the two of us took a look at the contract.

“Ahhh, no see….” These words deflated me like a lead balloon. I slowly walked over to see what it was that was wrong with this too good to be true scenario… If I wasn’t receiving any profits, I wouldn’t care, I’m a published author… Ah yes, they’d publish it for the bargain price of £2,300! I would be fully reimbursed if said piece if writing was a failure within 30 days.


Well that’s that then. So now I have had the rude awakening of I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to publishing, I really don’t know where to go from here now… do I self-publish? Do I save all my little pennies to allow Pegasus to give it a go? After all if it fails I’ll have my money back and I could just class it as savings…

I then found a very interesting blog about advice for authors who are hoping to publish and I was reading it, I just realised I have no clue where to go from here… http://janefriedman.com/2011/08/09/5-things-beginners-need-to-know-about-e-book-publishing/

As I say I am self employed, it’s just little old me going from week to week saying a little prayer every weekend that the next week will busy up so I really am stuck for investing money in to my little piece of work, having it proof read, paying for a design for the cover etc so now I am in the dilemma of where to go from here.

If anyone would like to invest in The Lies That Bind us… please send your offers to whatdoidonow-desperateauthor@gmail.com


My first offer for submission….HELP!!


Ok, so the book/novel/random pages of writing that hopefully resemble a story is finished…

I took a risk by sending a sample to just one publishing company, just for the laugh, just to see what might happen. I imagined it making it’s way cosily in to their inbox and then moving quite rapidly in to the recycle bin, in to the feared ‘slush pile’ never to be thought of again, just another failed attempt by a hopeless author with an impossible dream…

Well bugger me I’ve just received an email saying they want more…. they want the whole manuscript!!!

It is not an offer of publication but they want more… my writing sparked an interest… it effected someone who reads, what I’m guessing, hundreds of samples a day, mine stood out…

As proud of my little accomplishment that I am, that’s all I thought it would amount to… a few family members reading it, saying yes it’s good, I enjoyed it, then changing the subject rapidly when I ask what their favourite part was as they hadn’t yet got that far as it had bored them to giving up any hope of polite obligation.

So now what do I do?

I have got in touch with a proof reader who charges $1 per 400 words as I do not want to taint my changes giving them a self-edited pile of trash…

Can anyone recommend another proof reader or any tips on how to proceed before I pack my precious achievement off to be critiqued and  hopefully put in to the published hall of achievement?


The book is finished.

It’s such a relief and an amazing feeling to have finally completed it.

Now the hard stuff starts…. I have to get it out to the world. Where do I start?

There is a gold mine of information, advise, publishing routes and information. But as a rookie writer and publisher I haven’t the first clue where to begin…

I’ve seen talk of manuscripts, slush piles, create space, lighteningsource and Kindle publishing.

Any golden nuggets of advice and success stories would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any comments…

Laptop block…

Well hello my keen followers 🙂


No I haven’t fallen off the planet… or set off with all good intentions of becoming an author and then dropping it like a hot rock the minute I see something shiny… 🙂

I have been looking at my laptop for the past few weeks with pure resentment and loathing… I have all this words in my head, a complete book just begging to be finished, my characters are frozen in time wanting to move ahead, get on with where they need to be but I just can’t seem to motivate myself to sit down and type.


I have a full interest in the writing, I want to get it done, I love the story just I have discovered I have laptop block….




Yes Laptop block…

The thought of sitting aimlessly at my laptop typing typing typing was what was preventing me from doing it. Reformatting… realizing my computer thinks it’d be funny while I’m in full flow typing not looking at the screen… (I’m not a good typist I need to look at what my fingers are doing which might be half the problem)… it decides to jump five or six paragraphs in to the middle of a sentence and carry on there so I look at all I’ve just typed and it’s not where it should be… 


Then we have the dreaded caps lock button… I’m doing my capitals and punctuation as I’m typing… I have to I’m anal like that…. but then i look at my screen and have done two to three sentences in capitals…. when are they going to make it so you can just highlight and make letters lower case so you don’t have to retype THE whole sentence.

I also have a habit of rereading over what I’ve written and keep editing where as I need to just get it written and then that sense of accomplishment will further motivate me to edit and finalize it ready to send off to publishers and look into self publishing while I wait eagerly for a reply…. can I do that?

So I have found a solution to my Laptop block… I will physically write it…


Yes I’m putting pen to paper just as shakespeare did…


I can then transfer my writing to the laptop, watching tv, listening to music, etc… all the concentration will be put in already the story will be written.

Also I don’t have the distraction on an A4 pad of oohh.. what’s going on on Facebook or lets look on Google for a bit of research and then get distracted and realize an hour later I’m supposed to be writing…


Will it work? Watch this space….. 😦




Crippling self doubt.

Chapter 13 is written I have chapter 14 and the outlay for the finishing of My sister My friend all in my head.
So why am I not writing?
I have the words get them on the laptop and get it on to Kindle I hear you all say.
But now the nigglings of self doubt and lack of confidence in my first ever novel Is growing.
Could I handle the failure if no-one was interested after I put so much in to trying to make it interesting for a reader? 
Could I handle bad reviews and publisher rejections?
I will finish it.
I will redit and scrutinise until my eyes are held open with cocktail sticks and I have to eventually press that button and unleash it to the harsh world of faceless critics and constant competition.
Until then… I shall just thrive on the blased reviews I have recieved thus far

A different aspect..

So I sat down yesterday with my laptop with the intention of doing a bit of research and completing chapter eleven,

I decided to start my research by reading the first edition of Publishing Talk… which brought me to here…Word Press and so An Amateur Author was born. When I sussed out how to work it all and tried not to get distracted by all the interesting Blogs written by much more experienced folk than me, I returned to Publishing Talk.

Next article was about Pinterest… very good but also very distracting and led me to set up a Facebook page for my unfinished book and change my Twitter account to being all about the book…



When I logged on to Word press today I seen an outstanding blog http://t.co/GuxrP45K6N this has all given me a totally different aspect and different attitude toward my writing. I was just doing it as and when but now I see it as a mission and its nearly an addiction. Just what I needed a good kick up the rear end to get this book written published, either myself through amazon for e-readers or if some eagle eyed publisher happens to want to give a rookie a chance and offer me a book deal, as long as I get get my written word out even if its just to my friends and family  to enjoy and criticize it will be a fun and enjoyable experience and I’m  finding it very educational!

Now back to business Chapter 11 awaits